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3M 9320A+ FFP2

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Respiratory Protection


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Product Name :  3M 9320A+ FFP2
Model : 9320A+ FFP2
Code : P06-000108-1

Respiratory Protection (20/Box) 3M 9320A+ FFP2
  •  Particulate respirator prevents dust, chemical, metal fume, and pathogens smaller than PM2.5 and PM10
  •  Made with polypropylene and electric charge for effective trap
  •  Firm face tightness with round top covers down to chin
  •  Mask does not contain natural rubber
  •  Strap made with polyisoprene, nose clip made with alluminium,and filter made with polypropylene
  •  Breathable and lightweight with hea
  • 20/Box

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