LOCKOUT STATION Yellow LT-517/LT-502/LT-518


Safety Lockout Group Station 3Sizs Small,Medium,Large (LOTO Box) Engineering Plastic PC Station for Hanging Padlocks , Slots for Hanging Tagout


LT-517 LT-502 LT-518

Categories : Lockout Tagout

Brand : Loto Lock


Brand: LOTO
Model : LT-517/LT-502/LT-518

Small : LT-517 Station 406x315x65mm. Padlock Station 5 Slots ,Tagout 1 Slots
Medium : LT-502 Station 558x393x65mm. Padlock Station 14 Slots ,Tagout 2Slots
Large : LT-518 Station 574x396x108mm. Padlock Station 10 Slots ,And 1 Storage

-Lockout Tagout Station
-Station for Hanging Padlocks 
-Slots for Hanging Tagout
-Slots for Hanging Hasplock
-Engineering Plastic PC

Safety Lockout Group Station (LOTO Box) for Industrial Lock Storage Management
       Safety Lockout Group Station This lock station serves as a centralized storage solution for padlocks, valve lock-outs, hasps, tags, and other essential lockout items, facilitating efficient management within industrial settings. Featuring adjustable separators, it offers versatile organization tailored to departmental needs.
1. Material: the box surface ensures durability and resilience in diverse operational environments.
2. Structural Design: Equipped with a cover, the lock station prevents unauthorized access and tampering, enhancing security for company and workshop systems.
3. Visual Management: The station provides a designated location for storing locks, streamlining daily management processes. Its adaptable sizing options accommodate various lock sizes, facilitating comprehensive system management.
4. Easy Installation:Four screw fixing holes on the back of the station ensure secure wall mounting, simplifying installation procedures.

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